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CK™ Chain Cleaner

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No more greasy hands! No more dirty clothes! Save both TIME and ENERGY by using the CK™ Chain Cleaner to make your bike fresh & clean in a matter of seconds!

Regardless of whether you are a mountain biker, day-to-day cyclist or just a casual bicycle user, a cleaner bike chain will make your gear switching smoother, resulting in a more comfortable ride and better overall experience!


Suitable for all kinds of bikes, simply clamp the unit on your bike chain, spin the cranks and observe how QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY it removes grime from your chain - and its all in under a minute!

Thanks to the smart design of the case all particles scrubbed from the chain are safely stored inside the tool which makes subsequent disposal of the dirt extremely EASY and CONVENIENT!


Your bike matters! As dirty drivetrain shifts poorly and wears out prematurely, it has a negative impact on the whole bicycle and that is why it's very important to clean it regularly.

The CK cleaner helps preventing a dreaded wear of the drivetrain and maintains SMOOTH OPERATION when riding the bike so you can spend less time in the garage and more time on the road!

      BikeNoble Chain Cleaner

       HOW TO USE

      Simply open the casing, place it over the chain and pour your preferred cleaning fluid (not supplied) into the refill hole. Hold the chain cleaner handle and turn pedals to start cleaning.

      You can repeat the same process with a soapy water in order to get the best results. When finished, wipe off your chain with a dry, clean rag and apply lubricating oil.

      BikeNoble Chain Cleaner



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